What Are Resume Keywords and Why Are They So Important?

When you apply for a job your resume is the only way that you have of getting the attention of the recruiter and to persuade them to give you an interview. Writing it well enough to get that interview however is not always easy. Often in today’s world you not only have to convince the recruiter you also have to convince a computer.

Many recruiters and many large companies will use software to search for potential employees on job hunting and social sites. They will also use software to vet the resumes that they receive so that they only need to look at the most relevant. So knowing what keywords you need within your resume to get noticed by the software is very important.

keywords for resumesHow Are Keywords for Resumes Used

If a headhunter or recruiter is searching for recruits through LinkedIn, Monster or any other site they will use a piece of software to identify those resumes that most closely match what they are looking for. This software works much like an online search engine and will seek to match specific keywords within your resume to what the recruiter is looking for. If your resume has the right keywords in the right places then your resume should be highlighted to the searcher.
Our website will show you what keywords you need to include for specific positions in different industries as well as how to look for those keywords.

resume buzzwordsThe Importance of Your CV Format for Keywords

Software is becoming more and more sophisticated as job hunters find ways to fool the software into accepting their resume for review. Stuffing keywords into your resume or having additional sections filled with keywords is not likely to help your job hunting. Nor is having a resume with unusual section headings or a poor format as the software will not be able to find what it is looking for.
Our website will help you to ensure that they keywords that you include in your resume are included in the correct format to get you seen.

resume action wordsIdentifying the Right Keywords

Knowing what the right keywords are is not always easy; especially if you are moving up into a new position or even over to a different industry. We will provide you with lists of relevant keywords through our site for some positions as well as showing you how you can use both job adverts and other people’s resumes to find the specific keywords that you will need to include within your CV. If you fail to identify and use the right resume buzzwords within your resume then you are not going to be passed by any automated search.

Resume Action Words to Use

Action words are also important factors to consider when you write your resume and can be just as important in getting you an interview as the keywords are in getting you to be seen by the recruiter. A resume that reads very passively and does not sell your abilities is not going to show you off to the recruiter in the best light. Our services will help you to understand what action words are and how you should employ them within your writing to get yourself noticed.

Our site will aim to provide you with all of the information that you need to ensure that you employ the right resume keywords, in the right format, with the right action words so that you get noticed and invited for an interview!