When it comes to best resumes format, there are three that can help you get job offers. However, you should pick the right one to use based on your experience, career level and other factors. Today, you will learn about the most commonly used formats to help you land that dream job. So if you’re ready, check them out now.

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Resume Writing Format: The Big Three

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  1. Chronological: This is the format used by job seekers who have the experience in the same industry for many years; it is for those without any career gaps, as well as to those who are not planning to shift careers. It is to demonstrate what you did in your previous jobs.
  2. Functional: This is focused on your professional skills or expertise and not on the work history you have had. It is suitable to those who are re-entering the workforce after a long absence. It is also good to job seekers who are changing careers, those who have been terminated at least once and those looking to join the industry from another, highlighting the skills he has that he thinks are useful for the new application.
  3. Combination/hybrid: This format is meant for applicants who want to make use of both the strengths of the above formats. It is focused on both his work experience and his professional expertise to take on the job. It is a good resume format that can demonstrate someone has the required qualifications for the new application, emphasizing both on his knowledge and his summary as a professional.

What Is the Purpose of Resume Writing Format?

There are many reasons to choose the right one per application or applicant. As you may already know, a resume is the main weapon to use in marketing yourself to the employer and show him that you’re the best among the sea of applicants vying for the same position. The resume is what also presents and summarizes your education, experience and accomplishments, it shows your strengths and it reveals your combined skills for the job.

What Are the Main Attributes of Effective Resume Format Example?

It is given that the CV or a resume is designed to sell your unique set of skills, education, experience and accomplishments to the prospective employer. However, applicants should not lie or extend or embellish the facts. You should only claim what is for you. What to do is to quantify your accomplishments or achievements with numbers, statistics and facts. Also, you should not be creative in identifying your employment dates, job titles and accomplishments. You should be clear about the results and successes.

Strengthening the Resume Format

  • Contact details: The main goal is that the employer will contact you. Specify your home address, phone number and email address.
  • Accomplishments: Do not state job duties, but your accomplishments.
  • Education & Training: You can spell out degrees as well as the school’s name and each of their location.
  • Appearance: Be organized and use 1” on each side. Leave white space and do not overcrowd the resume.
  • Grammar and spelling: Check for typos before sending your application.

There you have what to remember about formats as well as tips for strengthening your CV.

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Follow these tips and come up with the best resumes format today!