Aside from content, cover letter fonts also matter when creating an amazing application letter. Good cover letter and resume fonts can ensure that you are presenting your application well, along with the reasons you are the right fit for the job. You may be asking what font to use in your cover letter? Which one can help you in making a good impression? Discover best infographic resumes to know more about valuable resumes.

Choosing Good Fonts for Cover Letters

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When writing a cover letter, see to it that you are using the right font size to avoid the reader from squinting when reading it, allowing him to read and get your message with ease. You should also remember to choose the font that isn’t too large so that it could fit on your page.

  1. When choosing good fonts for cover letters, you should keep in mind that it has to look professional and simple. As you know, you want your message to stand out. Thus, you should focus not only on the content but also in selecting the font that will make your cover letter readable.

  2. Do not use the novelty-style fonts, including the Comic Sans. You should also avoid script-style and handwriting fonts.

  3. You also need to remember to use the same font style as you used in your resume for uniformity. It will also help in writing a cohesive application as an overall package of your presentation. Therefore, you should choose the right font style for both your resume and cover letter to make your application stand out.

  4. Do not combine or mix several types of fonts in a document. You should not use varying styles of fonts for your application. Also, do not use italicizing, underlining and bolding in your text, as any may be distractive

What Good Fonts for Cover Letters Should Be Used?

Remember to use a simple font that will be easy to read. Some basic fonts, which are favored by most recruitment firms include,

  • Times New Roman

  • Calibri

  • Arial

  • Verdana

Also, keep in mind that most email programs and word processors are at default to easily readable fonts. However, you should limit to using only one kind of font for your cover letter.

What Is the Correct Size of Fonts for Cover Letter?

It will depend on how much content you have in your letter. Basically, it is between 10 and 12 font sizes; however, you should take note of occupying only one page for your cover letter. Therefore, you may want to test out the recommended fonts and see which one of them will fit your content only on one page.

Then, you may also want to note that if the cover letter includes a heading containing your personal and contact information, then you may want to use a larger font size for this section.

There you have what to know about cover letter fonts. Finally, you should proofread and edit your paper so that it can be free of grammar and spelling mistakes.

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