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List of Advanced Key Skills Resume Words 2017

Job seekers use advanced key skills resume words 2017 to look for vacant positions in a company. This is due to the fact that recruiters and hiring managers make use of these keywords to screen resumes to identify applicants who are qualified for a particular job.

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On the other hand, you need to add action words that reveal what you have attained, apart from highlighting keywords that are particular to your occupation such as sales or software skills. In other words, incorporate necessary keywords for a resume in your position descriptions instead of stating a list of duties alone.

Here is a list of 100 advanced key skills resume words 2017 for your resume.


Analyzed, addressed, adapted, accomplished, achieved, assembled, aided, acquired, accelerated, altered, allocated, advised, amended, appraised, assisted, assessed, authorized, authored


Boosted, blended, balanced, brainstormed, built, budgeted


Challenged, created, customized, commissioned, contributed, calculated, coordinated, communicated, committed, chaired, challenged, combined, compiled


Discussed, dedicated, designated, diversified, doubted, drafted, devoted, directed, distributed, deferred, demonstrated, determined, designed, discovered, documented, disclosed, developed, decided


Experienced, explained, enforced, expedited, endorsed, exempted, ended, exchanged, eliminated, entertained, evaluated, edited, employed, engineered, entered, elected, earned, expected, exercised


Formulated, functioned, fortified, formed, fit, figured, focused, facilitated


Graphed, gathered, generated, granted, garnered, gave, grouped, guided


Headed, helped, handled, hired


Incorporated, instilled, induced, informed, inaugurated, interpreted, invented, inspected, innovated, incurred, implemented, illustrated, invested, issued, interviewed, inspired, installed, identified, improved

Statistics of Most Popular Professions in the World Today and the Skills they Require

Customer service jobs
  • cat support jobs resume tipsCommunication – Customer service personnel must have clear communication. Know what the clients want and discover what you can do to assist such a customer.
  • Listening – Be attentive and listen to the customer carefully to know what she really needs and the way you can be of assistance.
  • Self-control – Be calm when attending to customers and never be angry, no matter what happen.
  • Empathy – Understanding what the client is saying as well as how he feels is very important as far as customer service is concerned. It is quite imperative for a customer service personnel to know the emotional state of a particular customer.
  • Taking responsibility – Being able to say sorry for anything that might went wrong is a big part of working in the customer service department. You must be sincerely apologize to aggrieved customer on behalf of your organization.
IT professionals
  • Communication – Written communication is quite important, particularly when it comes to the number of design documents and emails written by an IT professional. In addition, verbal communication is as well important. You must explain technical procedures in clear and simple to grab terms for employers and customers alike. So, you have to pay attention to these, while writing your IT resume.
  • Listening – IT specialist also needs to listen actively to other people, in addition to communicating his own ideas. This will enable you offer what they really want.
  • Teamwork – It should be noted that IT projects are work of a team of experts rather than individuals. Hence, teamwork is important for communicating your ideas as well as listening to other people’s suggestions.
  • Leadership – This is another important skill expected of an IT personnel. This is necessary because, you can be call upon to manage a team or project, irrespective of whether you are in a management position or not. You must have strong ability to assign tasks and constant focus on the end goal.

Secretaries are organizational experts who assist in keeping an organization running effectively. They can be found in all industries including private companies, government agencies and schools.

The key skills required of a secretary are:

  • Interpersonal and Communication
  • Excellent Organizational
  • Advanced Computer Skills
  • Professionalism and Politeness

nurese resume sample nursing resume example

  • Administration of Medications
  • Accuracy
  • Communication
  • Cardiac Care
  • Bedside Monitoring
  • Catheterization
  • Catheter Care
  • Assisting with treatment and Exams
  • Compassion and Empathy
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Customer Service Knowledge
  • Grace Under Pressure
  • Strong Oral and Written Communication Skills
  • The ability to learn new things fast
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills
  • Established capability to work autonomously
  • Confirmed problem-solving skills
  • Established attitude to work under pressure
Accounting skills
  • Analytical – This is the ability to read, evaluate and reduce data and figures
    Ability to analyze figures and numbers in documents is an important skill for all accounting jobs.
  • Communication – Accounts professionals must have the ability to communicate with customers, colleagues and other departments of an organization. This can be on one-on-one, on phone or through email.
  • Detail Oriented – Accountants must have the ability of paying attention to details due to the fact that accounting experts wade through a lot of data that need interpretation and analysis.
  • Information technology – The knowledge of diverse kinds of computer programs and systems is required of accounting professionals as they are required to make use finance-related software systems. Also, advanced Excel skills are expected from a bookkeeper, while an auditor is expected to understand particular data modeling programs.
  • Organizational – This is another significant skill for accounting jobs. Bookkeepers, accountants, bookkeepers, and all others in the accounting profession must understand how to work with and manage the documents of their clients. They must be able to keep these documents in order, and manage the data of individual customer effectively.

There are different skills associated with each profession and there is the need to showcase your advanced key skills resume words 2017 in your resume, in order for you to stand out and to receive the attention of the hiring managers. Remember that your resume is ideal place to exhibit your abilities and strengths. Hence, garner the skills section of your CV for each role you apply to in order for the information you added will go well with the skills highlighted in the job description. Since you have described your responsibilities and roles previously, you can as well slot in your skills in the experience section.

Are you still not certain of the advanced key skills resume words 2017 to include in your resume? Get started now!

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