The resume fonts 2016 will help you land your next job! If you’re unfamiliar on the best ones to use, you may want to check out the following for a list of good resume fonts to use when writing your application. And even if you have already created your resume, the next thing you have to do is to find out if you have used the right font for it. Experts agree that choosing the wrong one can break your chances to land a job because some fonts are just too tiring to read for the employers. To prevent your application from going to the trash pile, see the following list of good fonts for resumes.

Good Fonts for Resumes

resume fonts 2016
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  1. Garamond is a good and clean typeface to use for your resume because it is not too big or too small. The font lets you have more content, for example, a psychology research assistant resume can be on just one page. You can go for this font if you are looking to use a professional-looking one that can help you keep the prospective employer’s attention.

  2. Gill Sans: Experts agree that it looks good on a CV, too. It has both the modern and classic look that can keep your resume appealing.

  3. Cambria: This is one of the best fonts for resumes because it looks good both on print and on the screen. Therefore, it is a versatile font to choose if you want your resume to be easily readable both on paper and on the computer.

  4. Calibri: It is one of the most outstanding modern resume fonts because it is clean and professional. It can also allow you to fit more words into one page of a resume. It is also favored across recruiting firms, which is why it is one of the most used by job seekers, too.

  5. Constantia: This is another nice font that has rounded lettering. It is professional in appeal and it looks good both on screen and on print, too. You may want to go for it if you want to keep the employer’s attention into your application. The font looks good, but it does not overwhelm the look of your CV in general.

  6. Lato: If you’re sending a printed version of your resume, you can go for this one as it is thin and it looks well on paper. It is modern in appearance, yet it is clean and appealing to look at.

  7. Didot: The font is favored in the art industries, but you can make use of it, too. However, you may want to choose a bigger size so that the serifs of this font can be appreciated by your readers.

  8. Helvetica: The use of this font type is good for your resume, especially in the subject headings and headlines. You can make use of it if you also want to create a stellar resume that has a good font.

  9. Georgia: It looks like the overly-used Times New Roman. You can make use of it if you want a unique font for your CV. It looks clean and modern and it appeals both for print and on screen reading.

There you have the best fonts to choose from before sending a resume or when writing it. Select from these desirable fonts for resume and make sure your CV is among resumes that stand out.

Choose the right resume fonts 2016 today!