Do you love designer careers? If so, you may want to check out the following for information on certain characteristics each of them possess. Now, if you’re still determining your career path, see some pointers when choosing one, too.

designer career stereotypes

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Graphic Designer

  • Bands you have never heard of
  • Pizza/Tall, nonfat, no foam, 2 shot vanilla
  • Mad men or the lumberjack
  • California, New York
  • Many of these guys don’t work well with others and they consider themselves freelancers

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Interior Designer

  • Late 90s female vocalists
  • Organic salad/organic water
  • Bowl cut Cleopatra or Short and Manageable
  • There is an expected job increase by 19% from 2010-2020


  • Works in silence to hone in on precise math skills
  • Steak and wine/espresso
  • Bald
  • California, Indiana
  • About 21 architects are self-employed

How to Choose a Career Path

What do you love and what things are you good at doing?

So it all boils down to following your passion. While you may be overwhelmed or maybe feeling scared, you shouldn’t. Don’t be thought paralyzed that you cannot do it. Trust yourself. If you really love doing something, find a way and pursue it. Later, you will feel rewarded that you did. Consider your passion as the starting point and then do a skills inventory to find out what areas you excel and what those you still need to work on so that you can bring something useful to the table.

What is your personality type? Are you good working alone or with others?

Determine the kind of work environment you’d feel more comfortable, working alone or with a group or a team. Find out if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. An introvert leans on a quieter role, like research, while an extrovert thrives in a loud, busy office.

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