Having trouble finding the perfect way to using them? Want to make your resum 2018 look perfect? You’ve come to the right place.

Here we are going to tell you everything you need to know about resume words 2018 and more. If you want to have the perfect resume format 2018 you will find the solution here, with many different recommendations and the perfect keywords to make your resume look a lot better and be more efficient.

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Benefits of Using Resume Keywords 2018

Want to know where you can find wonderful resume keywords 2018? Want to know why keywords are so important for your resume? Let’s start from what is keyword in resume first…

Resume keywords are that type of words you can use on your resume in order to give it more importance and effectiveness. Many people use these words in order to improve their resume for ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) using the proper resume keyword optimization, using them in the proper place according to the type of application.

But keywords can be pretty different from actions verbs, yet they help almost the same way if you know how to use them. These are some of the best benefits you can get from using keywords the right way:

  • More attention from your recruiters
  • More engagement and interest
  • Much more effective resume
  • Better results for ATS-oriented recruiters
  • Improved range of opportunities to get selected
  • More versatility for different applications

As you see, using resume buzzwords 2018 is always necessary if you want your resume to be effective, so take your time building a nice format resume 2018 and create the best you can. But, how do you find the right keywords?

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Where to Find Resume Keywords 2018

Many people thrive to find the right keywords for their resume, but you don’t have to worry – as no matter your work field or profile, here we are going to tell you some of the best secrets to find the perfect keywords for your resume.

Analyze job posts

This is the most efficient way of choosing the right keywords. Watch for what people are looking for in an applicant, especially when it comes to skills and experience. Use that to your advantage when you create your resume. For example, if most job positions for secretary say they’re looking for someone with good Excel and Filing Documents skills, use that in your resume, it for sure makes you a better candidate.

Look at other people’s resume

When you look at other people’s resumes, you are immediately making sure you know how other people manage their keywords within their resume. Make sure you take a good look at how they portray their skills, education, and experience. A good resume with good keywords will have at least 3 keywords per resume section.

Follow the latest resume trends 2018

People tend to make good resume trends every year according to the type of skills the industry is looking for. If you are someone who works for the technology industry, looking for new trends will help you know which kind of keywords people are looking for. If people are looking for certain type of training in a certain type of platform, writing that in your resume can help you immensely.

Talk to a recruiter

Most recruiters will not tell you exactly what type of resume words 2018 they often look for, some may not even really know what they look for exactly. Yet, some of them will tell you, ask as many recruiters as you want, there will be one who will tell you exactly what he looks for and why – this will help you make your resume much more effective and improved.

List of 100 Resume Keywords

Want to know what are the best keywords you can use today? Here you have a wonderful list that will help you immensely. Check each one of these keywords and make sure you can use them on your resume without any problem.

  1.       Clerical bookkeeping
  2.       Classifying
  3.       Collecting
  4.       Compiling
  5.       Computing
  6.       Examining
  7.       Filing
  8.       Organizing
  9.       Recording
  10.   Financial accounting
  11.   Administering
  12.   Allocating
  13.   Auditing
  14.   Balancing
  15.   Calculating
  16.   Forecasting
  17.   Investing
  18.   Projecting
  19.   Communication editing
  20.   Explaining
  21.   Influencing
  22.   Interpreting
  23.   Listening
  24.   Mediating
  25.   Promoting
  26.   Speaking
  27.   Translating
  28.   Writing
  29.   Human relations advising
  30.   Assisting
  31.   Counseling
  32.   Empathizing
  33.   Guiding
  34.   Listening
  35.   Motivating
  36.   Representing
  37.   Serving
  38.   Creative designing
  39.   Developing
  40.   Establishing
  41.   Illustrating
  42.   Improvising
  43.   Inventing
  44.   Performing
  45.   Revitalizing
  46.   Visualizing
  47.   Management communicating
  48.   Consulting
  49.   Coordinating
  50.   Delegating
  51.   Directing
  52.   Evaluating
  53.   Leading
  54.   Negotiating
  55.   Persuading
  56.   Planning
  57.   Public relations conducting
  58.   Consulting
  59.   Informing
  60.   Planning
  61.   Presenting
  62.   Promoting
  63.   Representing
  64.   Responding
  65.   Researching
  66.   Writing
  67.   Problem solving, analyzing
  68.   Appraising
  69.   Diagnosing
  70.   Examining
  71.   Executing
  72.   Planning
  73.   Proving
  74.   Reasoning
  75.   Recognizing
  76.   Validating
  77.   Research assessing
  78.   Calculating
  79.   Collecting
  80.   Diagnosing
  81.   Evaluating
  82.   Examining
  83.   Extrapolating
  84.   Interviewing
  85.   Investigating
  86.   Technical adjusting
  87.   Aligning
  88.   Assembling
  89.   Drafting
  90.   Engineering
  91.   Installing
  92.   Observing
  93.   Operating
  94.   Repairing
  95.   Portraying
  96.   Getting
  97.   Updating
  98.   Surpassing
  99.   Helping
  100.  Building

How to Make a Great Resume 2018 Using Keywords

It is not enough to know which are the main resume keywords 2018 people are using, you will need to also know how to use them efficiently. Want to learn how to do it? Here’s how:

Related keywords

Most people don’t know this, but using keywords is all about choosing the words that are more related to your field of work or the job position you are applying for. The more related the keywords are to the job position, the more opportunities you have to achieve a great job opportunity.

Use a lot of keywords

Maybe someone will tell you that using too many keywords is actually bad. Yet, that’s all a lie. When you use keywords you need to use as many as you can without making the resume look too stuffed. Just try to use them in every bullet when you portray your skills, education, and experience. But remember to always use keywords about skills or experience that you actually hold, do not lie or else the result can be really bad.

Mix the keywords

Do not stick to a single type of keywords; try to use as many types as you can. Additionally, make sure the keywords are well spread throughout your resume in order to be much more effective. Remember that there are certification keywords, skills keywords, industry buzzwords, experience keywords and much more. Just make sure you choose the right ones.

Use keywords everywhere

There’s no better way to grab the attention of a recruiter or even be selected by an ATS than putting keywords everywhere within your resume, well-spread, and well-used. This way your resume will have much more opportunities to be selected when the recruiters use an ATS and will also make it easier for recruiters to find these keywords when reading themselves.

Sample Resume Format 2018 with Keywords

Financial Advisor

Name (optional)
  • Name & Last name
Name your professional profile

(Sometimes, recruiters like to look for some degrees more than others. Make sure you add your degree and specialization here, Ph.D., MBA, Doctorate and so on… they will work as keywords)

  • ¾     Bachelor in Finance from Stanford University (2010)
  • ¾     MBA in Related Field from Harvard (2015)
Brief talk about your professional profile

To make your resume be a lot more effective, we recommend using the brief-profile description of your professional endeavors. This way you will make sure keywords are easier to see and much more scannable by ATS.

First, start with a brief description like this:

Financial Advisor with MBA and an extensive experience in forecasting and accounting. Achieved the highest level of financial analysis and resolved many problems throughout my career as an advisor for many companies around the US. Looking for a great opportunity to improve my skills and be of service.

Then, you can go on with your additional skills/achievements in your career with bullets to make your profile be even more specific:

  • Negotiated New Strategic Planning
  • Developed Efficient Trends
  • And so on
Employment story

Similarly to the previous segment, here you need to talk about companies and jobs you’ve worked at before. Yet, remember to use action verbs alongside keywords for more effectiveness.

2013 – Financial Advisor Agency in LA – Chief of Advisors

  • Managed Excel Sheets for 5 years
  • Resolved many Revenue Problems with High-Quality Financial Analysis
Personal information (optional)
  • Name, Last name
  • Address
  • Phone number, E-mail

Need Help with Your Resume Keywords 2018?

Do not try to make your resume 2018 look perfect without first using the right keywords. As we know finding the right ones and eventually creating an optimized resume can be difficult, you can, on the other hand, trust our hands to do it for you.

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