The most recent resume trends can help you keep up with the demands of the job market as well as increase your chance to landing your dream job this year. As you may already know, your resume is the first marketing weapon to use for your applications. It is one of the most essential tools for job success because it is from it that the employer learns more about you. However, it has been told that most of them only spend about six to 10 seconds in reading an application, so you may want to create a powerful resume style that captures and keep their attention. Here is how.

Latest Trends in CV Writing

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    Get out and tell your story. Don’t be one of the mediocre applicants out there. Do well in the application by writing with short, straightforward language. You should keep the most critical information at the top of your paper. Make sure that your resume is communicating your accomplishments and your brand. All these should not be missed by the prospective employer. See to it that you are writing the most crucial information at the beginning of your CV. Do not let the employer be the one to dig important information. You should make it easier for him to see it.

  2. Edit and edit. Be a ruthless editor and do not be afraid to cut your resume short, until you have achieved perfection. See to it that it only contains much needed information, so you should remove fluff language. Shorten and make your resume concise. Be ready to perform several revisions until you are totally sure that your paper is free from unnecessary stuff.
  3. Write for skimmers and scanners. Employers want to see what is in you for them. You can prove it with your resume, which should be created for skimmers or scanners. You can do it by ensuring that you are using bullet points in your paper and that you are using sections that make it easier for readers to see your most significant points faster, than you burying them inside of text.
  4. Flesh out your story with a pattern. This application has to be demonstrating what action you took regarding a problem or challenge. Frame a positive result by showing how your action has made a change or an impact to the client or the employer. However, see to it that you are keeping it short, one of the latest trends in CV writing. This is a good practice in resume writing. It is wise to show the positive change you had created because it is quantifiable.
  5. Whenever needed, you may want to make use of graphs, tables and visual presentations when sharing content. If visual aids can help you in quantifying your achievements or accomplishments, then you can make use of them.

Use these tips to keep up with the latest resume trends. Shine and excel in the process to increase your chances of being called for an interview. Don’t forget the points mentioned in this handy guide and come up with an impressive CV that garners results.

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Use these resume trends in writing today!