Knowing the facts in writing your resume and understanding what fonts for cover letter to choose are essential because it lets you learn the essentials and avoid the mistakes in writing. The following is a great start to help you learn more about resume writing.
interesting resume stats

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Resume Facts

Knowing the interesting resume statistics is the very first thing you need to do because it will help you to consider what to include and not in your paper.

  • Start with the basics: Your resume should include your complete name, contact number, email address and home address. Be mindful about your contact information to write; it must be updated. College students tend to move often, so you should include a permanent address.
  • Summary of skills and objective: You need to write these sections after you write about the personal details. For applicants who do not have much experience, you can write a few sentences about your most significant skills in this section.
  • Use a resume style: There are basic styles in writing the resume: chronological, combination and functional. Use a chronological style that focuses on professional experience. The functional style focuses on skills and combination style is a combination of both. The last one is perfect for applicants who do not have much experience.
  • Volunteer and academic experience in essential: Your computer skills can be highlighted in this section. Also, you can write about your strengths and aptitude as well as do not forget about your extracurricular activities and volunteer experience.
    Know the rules in writing your resume: Be sure to use action words, as well as avoid the pronoun “I”.

Challenge of Being Noticed

According to Kate Lorenz, an advice and article editor for Career Builder, medium and large companies get around 100 up to 200 job applicants in every position. Those 100 to 200 applications are filtered down to 25 using 10 to 30 seconds review. Five to ten applicants are given test and assessment that filters to filter them down to three. That left will get an interview and one will be hired.

Online Footprint Statistics

  • Over 90% of employers are using social media in searching for new talents
  • Some of the recruiters consider resume as the least preferred method of searching for new talents
  • For every ten minutes that applicants spend in writing their resume, they need to spend one hour on LinkedIn.
  • 73% of the recruiters hire applicants discovered and introduced through networking sites or social media.

Resume Application Falsification Statistics

  • 70% of college students would lie on their resume to get the job they want
  • 53% of resume applications contain falsifications
  • 3% of the job candidates have misdemeanor record
  • 7% of the applicants have felony record

There you have the interesting resume statistics that you need to be aware of to know what to include and what to avoid in writing a resume.

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