Making a good resume 2018 depends on many things, and one of these is picking a good resume font, the resume keywords, and the resume formats. A font can change completely how people read your resume, making it more interesting, engaging and entirely easier to read with a more readable or attention-oriented font. A good use of keywords makes your resume more effective and the right format improves the presentation.

Yet, choosing a good font for resume may not be easy, neither it is when it comes to resume keywords 2018 or a resume format, as there are many options available so you need to pick the one you like the most and at the same time gives a good impression. And it all comes down to knowing what will be better for your resume, according to your work field and resume format 2018. Take a look further to learn more about resume styles 2018.

list of good resume fontsList of Best Resume Font 2018

As you know already, using the perfect font for resume can change entirely the presentation of it. This means that you need to take into account many different fonts before choosing the right one. Among the best fonts you can use for your resume you can find these:

1.      Calibri

People like to use this font due to its incredible readability. It is the official default font from Microsoft and it is one of the easiest to use on your resume. Using Calibri with a 12-point size makes it incredibly easy to read, comfortable, and of course, a familiar font that everyone knows that can be eventually more effective than any other.

2.      Cambria

Similar to Calibri yet a little more straight and not as formal as Times New Roman, it is also incredibly recommended due to being clearer and sometimes more comfortable to read. Most people recommend it for titles, yet you can use it for content as well if you desire, just remember that smaller sizes of Cambria are not that recommended.

3.      Arial

Everyone knows Arial for being one of the most used fonts for Word documents in the world, and that’s also true when it comes to resumes. Arial is one of the cleanest and easier-to-read fonts out there, it also holds a classic format yet offers a more unsophisticated style. Arial is great for traditional resumes as well as those which are not too creative if you want to go for a safe and clear choice.

4.      Garamond

Those job seekers who like a more traditional and classic style should always go for Garamond. If your resume is not too sophisticated or creative, Garamond can be a perfect choice, it looks good both on screen and paper, and also makes traditional resumes look clearer and easier to read.

5.      Helvetica

Want to make a more creative resume 2018? Well, Helvetica is your best option. This lighthearted yet professional and good-looking font can be used to make your resume a lot more entertaining as well as engaging without much trouble. It is one of the fonts that are mostly used for logos and the like, so you can see that designers and other creative professionals like it a lot.

6.      Georgia

Also traditionally-looking like Garamond, yet it is more creative and a little more disorganized due to its design. People who are tired of using Times New Roman or Garamond, eventually go for Georgia as their option, but only when it comes to traditional types of resumes – do not use them in creative ones unless you have a good idea to fit it in.

7.      Trebuchet MS

Mostly designed to work perfectly well on screen, the Trebuchet MS can also make a good impression on paper. If you are someone who’s creative when it comes to the format, the Trebuchet can offer you a little more versatility for your resume, making it look more comfortable and understandable. And, of course, it looks way more modern and interesting than traditional fonts but not as creative as Helvetica, for example.

8.      Verdana

A type of font mostly used for creative resumes, it may also be used for serious and traditional ones. It is an incredibly versatile type of font people can use on almost any type of resume for any type of work field and any type of the desired effect. It is easy to read, comfortable, fits well everywhere and offers a great reading experience.

9.      Didot

Didot is a font that is getting more and more famous with time due to its great performance when it comes to creative resumes. If you are someone who likes to portray an original style in your resume or like to showcase your creative skills, Didot can be the best option for you. It has a more delicate and entertaining design, and it looks great mainly on titles or big fonts, but you can use it everywhere and still have a good result.

10. Times New Roman

Maybe one of the most famous fonts for resumes out there thanks to its traditional design and serious performance, Times New Roman is really recommended still, but only if your resume looks traditional and serious. It is easy to read and very clear, can be readable both on paper and screen and won’t, in any way, make your resume look bad. Yet, it may make it look boring and old, that’s almost the same – unless you know how to do use it creatively.

2018 resume templates free
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Best 2018 Resume Templates Free

Functional resume template
  • Personal information

Name & last name _____________________________________

Contact information ____________________________________

“Resume title” (optional) ________________________________

  • Summary


“Here, you should describe your professional status writing down the most relevant information about your professional/employment career, do not avoid highlighting your stronger characteristics, try to show why you deserve to be hired”

  • Education

“Place here your academic achievements, your educational information, specializations, courses related to your professional profile, if they are placed chronologically, better”

  • Skills

“Highlight your academic achievements, your skills and abilities related to your PP in order to create a vision for hiring managers about how prepared are you, and how profitable will be hire you”

Resume template

  • Name & last name ________________________________________
  • Personal information ______________________________________

“Add on this part everything related to your personal information, contact, address, etc. try to be specific due to the only way to contact you is through the personal information given”

  • Education/specializations/academic degrees

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “In order to show your achievements, set a very clear sample of your professional titles, specializations, what have you done to get your knowledge. Set your studies by year of achievements, it looks more organized and professional”

  • Work experience – employment story

“Bullet chronologically all or most of your most recent work stories (5 years recommended) give references as year (beginning, finishing), your position within the companies if possible describe a little your role within the organization”

Year (DD/MM/YY) very specific (optional)

Name the company ____________________________________

Role developed within ____________________________________

Any interesting information ____________________________________

Mini resume template
  • Front side

“Some hiring managers love simplicity, and that’s why this specific template is so interesting and placed within favorites. If you look at how to do a resume format 2018 the real simplicity of this format helps to be accurate, go to the point and be quick”

Name & last name ___________________

Academic degree ____________________

Social media information ______________

Address ____________________________

  • Back side

“Here try to highlight as possible as you can your professional profile, skills and every interesting characteristic that make you stand out. Bullet them by relevance in order to give a first sight of greatness”

Combination resume template

This kind of sample is very used by those who have very specific necessities, it means that through this template professional can highlight valuable information about them and separate the less important from most one. The main quality of this template is to use just the relevant information with the possibility to dismiss non-relevant information and without any chronological order and simple scrolling.

  • Personal information

Name, last name ____________________________________

Contact information ____________________________________

Academic degree, specialization (commonly used resume title)

  • Professional description

“Make a very specific, clear and outstanding summary about your professional profile, achievements, academic degrees, etc. Try to be as specific and ordered as you can in order to make your summary more interesting “to read”

  • Skills

“See the possibility to bullet them all, of course by a hierarchy, more related to your goals and abilities according to your career, then place the rest of your relevant skills below”

First ability____________________________________

Second ability____________________________________

Third ability____________________________________

  • Employment story – experience

“As most of the common resume used this part is used to place where have you worked before, time worked and position within the company, but be careful. This is a very important point; hiring managers take your experience seriously”.

proper resume format 2018
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List of Best Resume Buzzwords 2018

  1. Addressed
  2. Advertised
  3. Arbitrated
  4. Arranged
  5. Articulated
  6. Authored
  7. Clarified
  8. Collaborated
  9. Communicated
  10.  Composed
  11.  Condensed
  12.  Conferred
  13.  Consulted
  14.  Contacted
  15.  Conveyed
  16.  Convinced
  17.  Corresponded
  18.  Debated
  19.  Defined
  20.  Developed
  21.  Reconciled
  22.  Recruited
  23.  Referred
  24.  Reinforced
  25.  Reported
  26.  Researched
  27.  Reviewed
  28.  Adapted
  29.  Advised
  30.  Clarified
  31.  Coached
  32.  Communicated
  33.  Conducted
  34.  Coordinated
  35.  Coordinated
  36.  Taught
  37.  Transmitted
  38.  Tutored
  39.  Adapted
  40.  Applied
  41.  Assembled
  42.  Built
  43.  Remodeled
  44.  Repaired
  45.  Replaced
  46.  Restored
  47.  Solved
  48.  Specialized
  49.  Standardized
  50.  Studied

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