Resume fonts are as important as the content, would you believe? It is one of the most crucial parts of the overall presentation of your application. So, what are good ones to use? Check out this post and learn.

Sans Serif and Serif Fonts Are Advised. Recruiters agree that two of the most types of acceptable fonts for resumes are the Sans Serif and Serif fonts. The Serif family has tails, but not in the case of Sans Serifs.

Serif Acceptable Fonts for Resumes. Two of the most popular in this family are the Times New Roman and the Georgia fonts, while the Arial and the Verdana in the Sans Serifs. These are good ideas to take note of when it comes to fonts. On the downside, most recruiters do not favor Times New Roman and Arial fonts because they are used very often.

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So, How Do You Choose the Best One That Works?

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In many cases, you should pick a font that can work well on all types of computers, according to experts. There are many types to choose and they look appealing and professional at the time. The problem is that you should check that your resume looks good when viewed on computers, including on Macs and Windows (PCs). Choose the one that can look appealing on any of these; otherwise, you might lose the chance to highlighting your skills, achievements and accomplishments with bad-looking fonts.

When selecting acceptable fonts for resume, you should remember to use the one that looks professional and straightforward. One that is advised is the Calibri. It is one of the most popular fonts used in the recruitment industry, as well as it is widely accepted by many firms. It also looks good on all types of computer.

Acceptable Fonts for Resume: Skip Fun Fonts

When looking for resume fonts to use, you should see to it that you stay away from fun fonts, including the Comic Sans and similarly fun fonts. They are nice, but they do not look professional or serious. You may want to skip these fonts, unless you’re applying for a creative job like a comic strip maker.

Tips to Remember

Even if you’re thinking of the best font to use, you should also not skip the sizing of the font for a resume. Most commonly, it is between 10 and 14 points for the regular texts, while it is between 12 and 14 for the subsections or subheadings. Overall, you should bear in mind that the font to choose is one that the employer will be interested to read. Therefore, pick one that is easy to read and looks professional in the presentation.

There you have the best tips to know about when picking good fonts for resumes. Finally, test and print out your resume to see how good it looks on paper before handing it out. You should also make sure that the font to choose is one that can look good on all types of computers.

Choose the best resume type font today!