good looking resume 2017 tips

Your resume can mar or make that job interview. A good looking resume 2017 is a successful resume because it will grab the attention of your target audience. A well formatted and standardized the instrument to getting your dream job.

Writing a good looking resume 2017 is not difficult, once you understand the secret. But you must first understand that you are writing it to channel a course – getting your desired job.

To write a good looking resume 2017 there are some regulations that you must obey. Some of these rules for a resume that stand out writing are flexible. There are times when it will work to your advantage to break a rule. Other rules are always effective and should always be followed.

Content of a Good Looking Resume 2017

A good looking resume 2017 must contain the following information:

  • Your contact information: To include your residential address, your name, phone number and email address
  • Career objective: This is a one sentence objective
  • Accomplishments: Including leadership positions, special responsibility
  • Skills: Technology skill, computer skills, etc.
  • Work experience: Dates, the name of the company, responsibilities, etc.

Special Rules

  • Customization: Customize your resume by tailoring it to a particular position you are applying for. This will make it exceptional and more effective. Aim those keywords used to describe the position to produce a good looking resume 2017.
  • Scanning: In order to write a good looking resume 2017, create the one that can be scanned. Use bold text, sub-headings, bullet points and white space to make your resume simple to read and scanned. Remember to emphasize the significance details
  • Make it related: Since your good looking resume 2017 has a limited space, include just the vital information the particular job you are applying for.
  • Don’t use standardize format: Be unique and make your resume stand out by doing what no one else has ever done! Personalize your resume.

Powerful words to use

  • Analysis
  • Selected
  • Gained
  • Operated
  • Formulate
  • Able
  • Assist
  • Observed
  • Consult
  • Facilitate

What to leave out

  • Irrelevant details
  • The objective
  • License numbers
  • Jargons

Resume Fonts Considerations for a Good Looking Resume 2017

It must be easy on the eyes

Your good looking resume 2017 must be written with one of the best fonts that will not strain the eyes of your readers. There are a lot of fonts out there especially for readability on screen. Check them out and choose the one you prefer. Note that when you change to italic, some fonts lose their attractiveness and coolness and even look more sparkling than bold.

Irrespective of how you format your resume, make sure it is friendly to the eyes. When it comes to smaller sizes, for instance, serif fonts can be less readable, leaving you with the option of choosing sans serif fonts.

Not distracting

Your resume should be non-distracting when it gets to the hand of its readers. This is a vital and important thing to note when you are choosing a font for your good looking resume 2017. Do not allow a distracting resume font type 2017 rob you of the big opportunity of landing the interview.

Fonts That Suit Good Looking Resume 2017

There are diverse kinds of fonts that can suit you good looking resume 2017. Discussed below are just a few of them:

  • Computer Modern: This font has an efficient and superb contrast between thick and thin strokes. It has a large size font used for writing legible base letters. Computer modern is good for mathematical application, publishing and scientific documents.
  • Gill Sans: This is a British-designed Serif offers an unmatched and clean text, ideal for any good looking resume. Gill Sans is easy to adjust to going well with the amount of information you desire on your resume because it functions perfectly with both small and large font sizes. Being a standard weight font makes it a bit thicker than the average font. However, it will still give you the best in resume building.
  • Avenir: This is a neat and clean san-serif font with consistently circulated thickness all around its text. It comes with different weights you can utilize to divide your CV and it is geometrically proportional. Look no further than Avenir font, if you want your resume to stand out from the crowd.
  • Didot: This is a professionally presented font with great features. It is worth using to write your resume as it creates a natural fluency to text. Didot is all you need if you are seeking elegance.
  • Cambria: This is a popular font on Windows and Microsoft Office programs. It has soaring legibility with low resolution on screen and off-screen as well as body texts, ideal for your CV!
  • Arial: Arial is one of the best alternatives for your CV if you are looking for a sans-serif font. It has clean lines and simple to read. Despite that some of the recruiters have found Arial to be unsophisticated and banal, it has become a standard and therefore a safe option.


The basis of job search is an outstanding resume and it will determine whether you will get your desired job or not. Do you want to write a good looking resume 2017 that will stand out? Then you need to think about learning how to write a professional resume with the best font as this is what can help you win that big job.

Understand the requirements for a good resume, know the type of font that will bring out the quality of your CV and you will be amazed of series of job interview calls you will be receiving, just because the structuring, laying out and presentation of your resume has eventually left a great impression on your recruiter.

Are you still not sure where to start writing good looking resume 2017? Click here to get started!