What fonts to use for resume? You may be looking to improve your job application success. In this case, you should consider updating your CV. Have you looked into the font style you are using as well as into the overall presentation of your application? Now that employers are said to be scanning an application for only about six seconds, it will be wise to grab his attention from the very beginning, as well as to keep it until the end of your resume. You can do that by learning of the worst fonts to use for your CV so that you can avoid using them.

What Are the Worst CV Fonts?

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    Times New Roman: This font can remind you of your college or high school essays. Why not? This is one of the most used fonts when it comes to academics. However, it’s not in terms of the job application market. First is that it’s boring and may indicate that you are unimaginative. And at very small sizes, this font is not easy to read, both on print and on screens.

  2. Futura: This is not one of the recommended fonts for resumes and for reasons. The reason is that it does not look serious, but it looks atypical and stylized. It is more of being decorative, but not professional. It should not be used for text-dependent documents, like a CV or resume. Skip this font. Go for Calibri, instead.
  3. Arial: It is one of the most overused fonts like Times New Roman; therefore, it may be boring to read. In fact, employers and recruiters are tired of reading resumes using it. While it passes in terms of easy reading, it may reflect that you did not give a careful thought in crafting your CV. Skip this font and go for other types of fonts out there. You may want to use Georgia, for instance.
  4. Courier: This font must also be skipped. It will make your resume look like you have typed your CV on a typewriter. It does not look appealing and it doesn’t look updated, too. You won’t want to use this font if you want to shine in a sea of resumes.
  5. Brush Script: This font lacks personality; it also looks unprofessional and outdated. If you want to present yourself the best way possible, use clean-looking and organized fonts, such as Calibri and Garamond. Even if it still used in some creative industries, the font does not look professional at all.
  6. Comic Sans: This literally looks like comic strips text. You won’t want to use this font that will make you appear that you’re not serious. Instead, you should use a better-looking font like Cambria and Garamond.

This is a list of not acceptable resume fonts that you should skip if you want to shine in your application. Make use of better-looking and professional fonts for resume that will display your reliability. Finally, test your resume when done writing to see if the font you have chosen is too big or too small on printed version as well as view it on email to see how recruiters can also see it on their end. Adjust the font size when needed.

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