It is important to demonstrate what you have to the employers and you can do this by including keywords in your CV. The keywords will help you to be noticed and to stand out from the crowd, especially if it is written correctly. The professional resume writer can write a well-crafted resume and help you to show all your skills and abilities.

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Writing Keywords for Project Manager Resume

  • best marketing manager resume sampleUse active verbs: Using action verbs in describing responsibilities that you had in particular job is a nice idea. However, you should not exaggerate your role. It is better to describe how you work and take such responsibility. In doing this, you should use action verbs showing you take an action. For instance, “assisted” and “helped” are active verbs, but they failed at demonstrating an applicant’s skill or knowledge. With that, you can write like “helped my supervisor research” or collaborated or researched with my supervisor to research”.
  • Use keywords from job description: For best resume, you need to use the keywords that are drawn from job description. This is one of the best strategies for attracting employers to read your resume. As much as possible, get keywords from job description you are applying for. In tailoring your CV for specific job, be sure that you will spend some time to identify keywords in job descriptions including specific tasks or skills that the position requires.
  • Consult someone: It is recommended that you consult someone on your field on what keywords you need to include on a specific area. Asking them will help you to know where in your resume you need to placed your keywords.
  • Maximize keyword density: If you are not sure if your resume is rich in a keyword or not, then you can maximize the density through online research. There are numerous job boards like CareerBuilder and Monster that you can check out. In searching, do not limit yourself to certain geographic area because you need to go nationwide. In searching, jot down the terms that being used repeatedly. Another thing is that you should follow what experts resume writers do in maximizing keyword density for your resume to look good and interesting.
  • Include on your sections: You need to make sure that you include such keywords in other sections of your resume. There are employers looking for BS and you can include it on the education section of the CV.

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Project Manager Resume Keywords

This project management buzzwords list shall help you to know what words you can include in your resume. It will be your guide so that you will submit an impressive CV.

keywords for project manager resume
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  • Ability
  • Manage many projects
  • Administrated
  • Proactive management
  • Engineering personnel
  • Operational proficiency
  • Timely completion
  • Procedures
  • Maintenance records
  • Analyzed
  • Conducted
  • Vendors
  • Site visits
  • Technicians
  • Communicated
  • Assigned tasks
  • Milestones
  • Monitor progress
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Engineering
  • Mining
  • Business
  • Management
  • Managed
  • Designed
  • Implemented
  • Maintenance costs
  • Built
  • Change
  • Project life cycle
  • Client relationship
  • Client communication
  • Under budget
  • Project on time
  • Competent
  • Problem solver
  • Persuasion skills
  • Completed
  • Budget forecasts
  • Consulted
  • Resources
  • Timeline
  • Project plan
  • Created
  • Client sign offs
  • Delivered
  • Installation manuals
  • Exceptional commitment
  • Coordinate
  • Specifications

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