Keywords are an essential factor that should be considered to optimize resume. Resume phrases and keywords reflect experience and skills necessary for industry and position you’re targeting. It is important to include, especially for applicant tracking system.

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Writing Good CV with Resume Keywords by Industry

Create keyword list

resume keywords list by industry
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For resume keywords list by industry, it is important to check the job descriptions for each position you are seeking. With that list, you need to identify qualifications that you have and make sure to use them as your starting point in writing skills summary. Keep in mind that names of the processes, company names, hardware as well as educational background are things that an employer notices.

Add summary of your skills in your resume

In writing your resume with the necessary keywords, it is important to use keywords from the list you have, and then add skills summary section at top of the paper. For example:

  • “Advanced skills in Microsoft Office which include MS Word, MS Outlook, MS Excel and MS Power Point”
  • “More than 5 years experience as assistant for the 400 Fortune executive company”
  • “Extensive experience in expense reporting, scheduling as well as travel arrangements”

Weave keywords in your resume

You also need to work on your keywords to have the best resume. For instance, degree requirements are important to include in your resume which is part of the education section. According to reviews, describing contributions and accomplishments using action words will make the resume interesting and also convey results. You can include action words like formulated, integrated, generated and enhanced.

Do not worry if you repeat the keywords because keyword frequency counts in lots of applicant tracking systems which means it will work on your favor. If possible, it is better to use different forms of same keyword for different search terms which include synonyms and abbreviations.

Resume Keywords List by Industry

Larger companies have scanner system in reading resume and they use it in quickly reviewing hundreds of resume in just a short period of time. Here are some keywords that you can include in your resume depending on the industry you are applying for.


  • Back office operations
  • Productivity
  • Staff training
  • Performance management
  • Confidential correspondence
  • Customer communications
  • Productivity
  • Project planning
  • Records management

Profit management:

  • Endowment funds
  • Corporate giving
  • Budget oversight
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Policy development
  • Donor negations
  • Humanitarian relief

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  • Asset management
  • Commercial banking
  • Branch operations
  • Consumer credit
  • Foreign exchange
  • Loan processing
  • Secured lending
  • Risk management
  • Global banking
  • Credit administration

Customer service:

  • Customer communications
  • Relationship management
  • Customer retention
  • Order processing
  • Records management
  • Contract compliance
  • Service measures


  • Experimental design
  • Field performance
  • Facilities engineering
  • Productivity improvement
  • Product innovation
  • Project costing
  • Quality assurance
  • Project planning
  • Product manufacturability
  • Methods design
  • Finance, auditing and account:
  • Financial planning
  • Trust accounting
  • Design
  • Project management
  • Construction
  • Team supervision

There you have the things you should know about resume and what keywords to include. If you want to improve a CV, you need to include those power keywords in your resume to make it interesting and effective. Start doing your CV and make sure to include the necessary keywords. Also, you may take some experience from cv format 2016 and learn how to improve your own.

Use these best resume keywords list by industry today!