Looking for the best resume tips? You have just arrived at the right post that will show you exactly how to create a stellar resume that works and that gets read from the start to the finish. Let’s get started by enumerating the best tips for your resume.

Tips for Writing a Resume

best resume tips
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Let us cut the chase and get started with the simple tips and tricks that will make a standout resume that works for applications. First, remember that it is your first marketing tool that is used to demonstrate your abilities, knowledge and skills. It is a unique marketing weapon that highlights the reasons you are the right fit for the role.

  1. Know the purpose of the resume—to receive an interview invitation. This is one of the best things to bear in mind when writing your resume. Therefore, you should consider your resume to be your first advertisement tool, nothing less.
  2. Convince the employer that you are indeed the right fit for the position. You should get into specific details on this, so do not just tell this and that. Show it! You can do so by quantifying your achievements and accomplishments. You may represent these into numbers, statistics or facts. Talk about how you helped your previous company grow, how you improved sales, how you increased memberships and so on, depending on the specifics that you did for your previous company.
  3. Tailor your resume for every application. A common mistake among job seekers is that they send a generic application. It should not be the case. Instead, you should customize an application per company you are applying. The best thing to do in order to meet this purpose is to read and understand the job posting. From there, get clue words, as to what they are looking for, what their requirements are as well as what experience are they trying to screen from their applicants.
  4. Do not consider your resume as a history of yourself. It is not a biography or a personal statement. Your main goal here is to show your relevance and fitness for the role with your experience and skills. Therefore, keep your resume professional and about career.
  5. Make branding in your resume. What kind of impression do you want to leave into the reader’s mind? Let him know of your story and how you are effective in handling the roles required of the position.
  6. One of the tips on writing a resume is also to focus on the things that make you unique. What are your achievements, demonstrating you’re a good office manager, for instance? Demonstrate these by listing some of your most significant achievements as an office manager. How did you make change or poster team work in your workplace?
  7. Leave no room for typos and errors. Proofread and edit your resume a couple of times to ensure it is well-polished. Use appropriate style and good good resume fonts.

Follow these tips and make a stellar resume that captures attention and that gets you the job interview invitation.

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