Looking for information on the best typeface for CV? As you may already know, some resume fonts may look good for your eyes, but not for the employers. Job application of today becomes even more challenging and competitive as it was in the past. So if you want to do it right the first time in your application, do not skip the fact of choosing the best CV font.

What to Remember About Best Typeface for Resume

best typeface for resume
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If you want to make sure that the hiring managers are going to read your resume, see to it that you used a professional-looking and legible font. Even if you’re the perfect candidate who has the best skills and experience for the job, you might lose the chance to grabbing the attention of your reader if they cannot make out the text you have on your paper.

Because an employer only reads a resume for a couple of seconds, you might not be able to keep his attention as well as to make him read your resume from the start to the end if you don’t use a pleasing to the eyes resume font. Remember that your CV has to be perfect in terms of headings and design and one that has to do with that is your choice of font.

How to Select Resume Typeface

While there are many types of font families that you can pick from, as well as there are families that exist, one of the most commonly used one is the Serif family, which is characterized by a tail on their end.

On the other hand is the Sans Serif. This is a simple font typeface family that has no frills and no tails. An example is the Arial.

Based on psychological principles, serif fonts can mean that someone is reliable, respectable and impressive; sans-serif means modern, clean, universal and stable. But no matter what font type you are using, one good thing to take note of is using a readable font and that works on all computers.

It must also work well whether on print or on email, no matter the font size or the formatting used. You may also want to take note of using a universal font that can be scanned by applicant tracking systems or the automated applicant tracking software.

Best Typeface for Resume

  1. Arial is one of the best options to use because it is easily readable. It is also a safe choice and an excellent option for its clarity.
  2. Garamond can also be considered for a resume because it is timeless that can convey a sense of delicacy and fluidity.
  3. Georgia is one of the best choices if you want to ditch the overused Times New Roman font.
  4. Times New Roman is another good choice for many job seekers looking to impress recruiters. However, it may convey being unimaginative and boring and it may not stand out in a pool of resumes.
  5. Trebuchet MS is a good replacement for job seekers who want to skip Verdana or Arial. It may also be ideal if you want to stand out from the rest of the applicants with this unique-looking resume.

There you have some good resume type font choices to remember when writing your application. Also, remember the tips shared here when choosing your resume font to use. No matter the font to choose, see to it that it is legible and it looks good on all computers.

Choose the best typeface for resume today!