Selecting a resume writing style and fonts to use for resume may be one of the most challenging aspects of writing your CV. You’re not alone in this problem, as it is one of the most common concerns of applicants today, as the job market becomes more competitive than ever. If you’re looking to come up with an impressive style that gets read and that employers do not get tired reading, check out the following tips that you might find useful.

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CV Style and Format

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Which resume format is best for you? There are certain resume formats that exist and that you may choose from. One of them is the chronological format. It is one of the most popular formats that most job seekers use. It focuses on your career progression, wherein each job is listed and in the reverse chronological pattern, which means that the most recent ones go first followed by the later ones.

Who should use it?

It is best for those who have been working in the same field or industry, meaning to those planning to stay within the same industry. It can also be used by those whose most current jobs have something to do with the current applications. This resume writing style is focused on the skills that you can offer to the prospective company or employer. It can be used by those who do not have major gaps in their work history.


This is totally different from the first one. It is a format that is focused on the skill you have, focusing on the things you can do, instead of for whom or what you did. This format is focused on the specific areas of your expertise, listing them under the skills section. Some examples include,

  • IT skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Accounting skills

Who should use this format?

It is ideal to those who are changing careers as well as to those who have gaps in their employment. They use this format to draw the prospective employer’s attention on your professional skills, rather than your work history. It may also be used by those who have had a prolonged absence in the workforce, as well as to freshers who are trying to gain their first experience. One drawback is that it cannot show your career progression.


This is also a good CV style to use, especially if you want to highlight both the aspects offered by the chronological and the functional formats. You can make use of this format if you want to draw attention to both your accomplishments and your work experience.

Who should use it?

This is the best to use if you have both the experience and the skills for the job you are applying to. It is also a good choice if you are a professional who have long work history as well as the professional expertise that you can use for the current application, showing how both what you can do and what you can bring to the table when hired.

So, based on the characteristics of such resume formats, you probably have an idea by now which to use when writing your application.

Determine the one to use and start writing using the right resume style today!