keywords to use in a resume
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Regardless of how many resume you need to submit, you have to remember that it is important that it is rich in keywords for it to be effective. Phrases and keywords in resume writing will reflect experience as well as skills that are needed in the position. An effective resume must include action verbs such as negotiate, analyze, develop and more.

Keywords to Use in a Resume

  • Think about keywords in skills, education and job titles: To improve a CV, it is important that you think carefully on what keywords you will include in education section, skills and job titles because it is essential, especially for the employer who is reading your resume. This is important for persons seeking for type of position you are looking.
  • List of synonyms: For best resume, it is important that you have resume keywords list of all synonyms as well as all tenses and forms of existing keywords such as procured, purchased, procurement, purchasing and much more to know what you still need to include and what you should not.
  • Make keyword summary: The time you have a list of the existing keywords that you include in your resume, you can start to make your keyword summary and to place it between professional experience and qualifications summary. Keep in mind that the keywords should not be placed in once section or one place, but it is need to be scattered.
  • Use common industry acronyms: If you are asking what keywords to use in resume, then you can use the common industry acronyms like IP, TCP or ISO. In some instances, this is effective to do, especially for applicant tracking systems online.
  • Separate keywords: In your keyword summary, it is important that you separate the keywords by using periods or commas. Take note that capitalization is not a factor that is why you need to make sure that you will use what is the best for your resume.
  • Check for opportunities: For list of keywords for resume, you need check out for opportunities that you can add to other sections which include accomplishments, job responsibilities, summary qualifications, education and others. It is important that you use different forms of the resume action words in other sections in order to have maximum exposure.

Resume Keywords List by Industry

Administration management:

  • Facilities management
  • Administrative processes
  • Front office operation
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Office manager
  • Back office operations
  • Bench marketing
  • Operations manager
  • Policy & procedure
  • Benchmarking
  • Project planning
  • Change management
  • Data analysis


  • Loan management
  • Branch manager
  • Portfolio management
  • Commercial banking
  • Branch operations
  • Loan recovery
  • ROE
  • Retail lending
  • Credit guidelines
  • Construction loans

Customer service:

  • Help desk
  • Account representatives
  • Call center
  • Customer communications
  • Key account manager
  • Order fulfillment
  • Order processing
  • Customer loyalty
  • Records management
  • Customer needs assessment

Information technology:

  • Help desk
  • AVR
  • Life information officer
  • Server architecture
  • Global systems support
  • Multimedia technology
  • Network development analyst
  • Cross functional team


  • Logistics manager
  • Asset management
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Assistant operations manager
  • Materials coordinator
  • Automated manufacturing
  • Outsourcing
  • Capacity planning
  • Product innovation

It is not easy to create a resume that is why you need to make a plan on what you should do. Be sure that you will include keywords in your resume to prove that you are familiar in the industry and that you are the perfect fit for the position.

Refer to this list of keywords to use in a resume today!